People are saying this is the greatest deal and the biggest news out of the Middle East since the parting of the Red Sea. President Trump and Benjamin Natanyahu took time out away from their trial defenses to introduce a new Middle East peace plan. The plan and its introduction included a lot of optimism and the potential for a two-state solution. What it didn’t include: Palestinians. “Trump called his plan a ‘win-win’ for both Israel and the Palestinians, but it was created without input from Palestinian leaders and they already had rejected it before the president unveiled it at the White House with Netanyahu by his side.” AP: Trump Mideast plan cheers Israelis, angers Palestinians. (Editor’s note: I know plenty of Israelis who aren’t cheering.)

+ NYT: Trump Outlines Mideast Peace Plan That Strongly Favors Israel. (Maybe the Palestinians can improve their lot if they agree to dig up some dirt on Hunter Biden…)

+ Jared Kushner, the plan’s architect: “It was very, very difficult to draw these lines… This is something we inherited.” (Irony alert: The Bidens are being accused of nepotism on the same day the president’s son in law is introducing his plan for Middle East peace.)

+ “Previous U.S. governments presented themselves as neutral arbiters between Israelis and Palestinians; neither side ever took that claim seriously. The Trump administration has never hidden its pro-Israel bias and, as expected, its peace plan is the most pro-Israel proposal ever to be put forward by Washington.” Ian Bremmer: How the Trump Administration’s Israel-Palestine Peace Plan Will Change the Middle East.

+ Meanwhile, Israel’s government plans to vote Sunday on annexing 30 percent of the occupied West Bank.