“Please imagine, for a moment, that you are a juror in a case of alleged burglary. A woman on the witness stand points to the defendant and says he barged into her apartment, shoved her to the ground and, while she begged him to stop, made off with her TV.
Imagine if this was the defense attorney’s cross-examination: But what were you wearing that night your TV disappeared? Are you sure you didn’t say something that would make the defendant believe you wanted him to take the TV? Hey, didn’t you once have a dispute with a landlord?” Monica Hesse in WaPo: Harvey Weinstein’s defense strategy is wretched.

+ “What the opening statements in the Weinstein trial demonstrated is something that started becoming clear a long time ago, in the first few months after Sciorra and Asia Argento and others described what Weinstein had allegedly done to them. The most effective way of undermining the MeToo movement is to pretend that it has already won.” Jia Tolentino in The New Yorker: The Opening Statements in the Harvey Weinstein Trial and the Undermining of MeToo.