“The policy, in which prosecutors will use a ‘risk-based system’ that weighs whether a defendant might flee or poses a threat to public safety, fulfills one of Boudin’s key campaign pledges before his election in November. The former public defender has often said the cash bail system unfairly affects indigent defendants and people of color.” SF Chronicle: San Francisco DA Chesa Boudin ends cash bail for all criminal cases.

+ “They’ve known that ad seg drives people crazy since the 1800s. I can tell you all kinds of stories of those I’ve seen come back here normal and slowly go crazy.” Michael Barajas on a “a uniquely American form of punishment.” The Prison Inside Prison. “Texas has banished hundreds of prisoners to more than a decade of solitary confinement, an extreme form of a controversial punishment likened to torture. Many of these prisoners aren’t sure how—or, in some cases, if—they will ever get out.”