“She is a former softball standout at first base for Sacramento State who joined the club in 2014 as an intern in baseball operations.” Giants make Alyssa Nakken first female coach in MLB history.

+ Incredible, secret firefighting mission saves Australia’ famous dinosaur trees.

+ A 6-year-old is making clay koalas to raise money for the Australian fires. He’s raised over $100,000.

+ So many people are helping raise money to fight the impact of Australia’s fires. Let’s join the club. Join me in making a donation to the RSPCA: Their efforts include the rescue and treatment of the animals most affected by the fires.

+ A machine can now keep livers alive outside the body for a week. (Perfect, that’s just long enough to fully enjoy Mardi Gras.)

+ Microsoft to erase its carbon footprint, past and future. (Now if they could just erase IE6 from our collective memory…)

+ A Scarsdale teen discovered new planet while interning at NASA. (The only thing I discovered as a teen were my genitals.)

+ UK pub numbers rise for the first time in a decade. (At least Brexit had one positive effect.)

+ And let’s go out on a sure-thing feel good item: George Lucas Holding Baby Yoda. (“Dirty my diaper is.”)