“I know! I told her: ‘You’re an amazing dancer, but you need to go out there and live life. Have an affair, you know? Get your heart broken. Break somebody’s heart. Make love without performing. That’s what you need to understand.’ And she goes, ‘Making love?’ I said: ‘Performance sex is the worst because you’re not letting yourself go. When you get to that place, you’re going to take over the world.’ I saw her years later. I was thinking, This girl hates me. She goes, ‘I need to talk to you.’ ‘Oh, God. Yes?’ Then she goes, ‘Thank you.’ And I went, ‘You lived!’ Anyway, I’ve always said: You can teach someone how to dance, but you can’t teach someone how to boogie.” Even though I have a feeling I can’t boogie, I enjoyed this interview. It’s got to be a trip transcribing this particular voice. NYT: Rosie Perez on Tupac, sex and dancing.