Ed Orgeron should be the new voice of Alexa and Siri. But for now, he’ll have to settle for being the voice of victory. He was “passed over for the biggest jobs for so long, finally had his moment to shine. USC didn’t promote him to head coach because higher-ups reportedly disliked his voice. He wasn’t the first-choice candidate for his current position after steering LSU to stability in the wake of Les Miles’s firing. He was almost fired early in his own tenure when a group of unhappy boosters wanted his ouster. And now he’s the head coach of a 15-0 national champion, with one of the most dominant campaigns ever under his belt.” And that’s just the coach. The real story of the LSU Tigers is about the quarterback. “One year after looking like every other quarterback to suit up in Baton Rouge for the past decade—mediocre, inaccurate, and undeserving of the receivers, running backs, and defenses on the roster—Burrow blossomed in 2019 and delivered the best statistical season for a passer of all time.” The Ringer: LSU Is the National Champion and Joe Burrow Has Achieved College Football Immortality.

+ LSU’s Ed Orgeron reportedly punched himself hyping up players, suffered cut. (And he bled Jambalaya so give him a beignet for effort.)