Mind feeling a bit numb? You can blame the devices or the nonstop deluge of political news. But, late at night, after you’ve rushed the kids to bed, closed the laptop, and settled in with a few pints of ice cream, you know what’s really eating up your time and brain space. TV. Keeping up with your favorite shows used to require an occasional binge, but now it’s practically a full time job. The biggest companies in the world are competing for your eyeballs by spending a ridiculous amount of money, and creating a shit-ton of content. And in 2019, shit-ton translates into more than 530 scripted television series released in the United States alone (to which you can add sports, cable news, reality television, late night talk, game shows, a plethora of available international shows, and all the old series that you’re boring your kids with). NYT: Peak TV Hits a New Peak. I hate to say it. But we may need to bring back buffering.

+ Times have changed since Bruce Springsteen was overwhelmed by 57 Channels and Nothin’ On.