“‘What is obvious for us, and what we can say with certainty, is that no missile hit the plane,’ Ali Abedzadeh, head of Iran’s national aviation department, told a press conference.” The US and Canada are pinning the blame for the downed Ukrainian jetliner on an Iranian missile. Iran continues to deny that’s the case. Meanwhile, the integrity of the crash site will seriously hamper investigations. “Virtually all pieces of the plane were removed yesterday – say locals. Scavengers now picking site clean. No security. Not cordoned off. No sign of any investigators.”

+ Caught in the crossfire of imbeciles, liars, and maniacs. The poor families of Flight 752. They suffered a tragedy and will live another one as we seek the truth in the age of lies. Buzzfeed: Young Newlyweds, College Students, And Entire Families Are Being Remembered After Dying In The Iran Plane Crash.

+ The Iran plane crash could be the latest in a long history of accidental shoot-downs.