My friends Annie and Eric are back at it again, using their art to raise money for an important cause; the people and animals affected by the devastating bushfires in Australia. 100% of the proceeds from the sale of this print will go to fund disaster relief efforts. They’re great people and this is a worthy cause.

+ There are lots of feel good-ish stories coming out of Australia’s bad situation. In addition to the money being donated, teens are saving koalas, a pub is receiving a beer shipment via a Navy ship, there are many moving photos of animals being rescued, and the model who went viral for offering au naturel photos in exchange for donations for Australia said she’s raised an estimated $1 million. (No wonder I can’t go viral. She selling naked pictures and I’m selling pun headlines about Trump news…)

+ Awesome story on the awesome 826 Valencia. WaPo: How to get kids to love to write. (I’m on the board of 826 and I feel quite comfortable using the word awesome twice in a sentence to describe the program…)

+ Progress on Lung Cancer drives historic drop in U.S. Cancer death rate.

+ A boy asked his dad to help the homeless. Now, father and son take them out to lunch each week.

+ Vogue: Meet Najiah Knight, the 13-Year-Old Girl Upending the World of Professional Bull Riding.

+ On eve of legal recreational pot sales in Illinois, Gov. J.B. Pritzker pardons more than 11,000 people with weed convictions. (Chicago is about to finally live up to its Windy City nickname…)

+ Ruth Bader Ginsburg says she is cancer-free after spate of health scares.

+ The Oakland women who took over a vacant lot to house the homeless.

+ A billionaire is giving away $9 million to his Twitter followers in an experiment to see if the money makes them happier. (Some people will do anything for more retweets…)