I’m not in the target audience for this story. I don’t wake up in the middle of the night to get a good seat on the couch for royal weddings, I don’t visit castles or stand in long lines to see the crown jewels, I don’t really know who’s who, I don’t watch The Crown, and my relationship to royal news can best be described as a conscious uncoupling. But there’s something remarkably compelling about Megxit; Harry and Meghan’s social media announcement that they plan to step back as senior members of the Royal Family and work to become financially independent. The move is being viewed either as a spoiled abdication of duty or the Prince’s crowning achievement. But the story is about more than the royals. It’s about the media, celebrity culture, race, marriage, an obsession with fame, and ultimately, us. More importantly, it gives the world a topic to discuss other than Trump news. And what better way to bring Americans this royal story than by way of The Atlantic: Harry and Meghan Won’t Play the Game. “Harry has always been a royal rebel: smoking cannabis, partying in Las Vegas, admitting how close he came to a breakdown. With his wife by his side, he may now be making his most significant contribution to the royal family—by walking away from it.” (I once threatened that I was going to sever ties with my family, and within an hour my parents had listed my childhood bedroom on Airbnb…)

+ Prince Harry and Meghan: Where do they get their money? (And can a Netflix development deal be far off?)

+ Prince Harry and Meghan wax statues moved away from royal family at Madame Tussauds.

+ And speaking of British departures, “lawmakers approved legislation on Thursday which will allow Britain to leave the European Union on Jan. 31 with an exit deal, ending more than three years of tumult over the terms of the unprecedented divorce.”