“There were too many dead and not enough shovels, so a local politician brought in heavy machinery from a nearby construction site. He dug graves deep enough to fit mothers with children, or children with children. Some were still in their pajamas, their hands inked with henna tattoos from the party preparations the night before … U.S. military officials publicly touted the August 22, 2008, Azizabad raid – Operation Commando Riot – as a victory. A high-value Taliban target had been killed; the collateral damage was minimal; the village was grateful. None of it was true.” USA Today: Inside the U.S. military’s raid against its own security guards that left dozens of Afghan children dead. (This story is interesting on its own. But I’m also linking to it here/now as a reminder that much of what we read and hear about military action in the news is only part of the story, and often dead wrong.)