“The 2010s will likely lock down the record for the hottest decade. The 10-year stretch also boasted a wave of historic disasters, from the all-time high temperatures recorded during a blistering heat wave in Europe to the largest US rainfall event in 70 years to many of the most expensive and destructive catastrophes across the globe. This is also the decade when the first mammal went extinct from climate change, coral reefs experienced unprecedented damage tied to warming ocean waters, sea levels rose and islands disappeared, climate pollution spewed into the atmosphere at historic levels, and so much more.” Buzzfeed: 6 Extremely Depressing Climate Records We Broke This Decade. Among all the other end of the decade reflections you’ll see over the next few weeks, this one could be the most accurate (at least to those on Team Reality). NatGeo: The decade we finally woke up to climate change. (Or how this decade went to eleven.)

+ “Mining companies are going bankrupt, while every year, solar and other renewables get cheaper. Such economic shifts are complex, but one thing is clear: If the transition to renewables is to truly account for the communities and economies it undercuts, it will include programs like Delta High School’s solar training.” The Atlantic: How Coal Country Becomes Solar Country.