Bottom of the News

“Stock photo memes had a moment in 2017, but none became as big or enduring as the one that became known as ‘Distracted Boyfriend.’ The photo depicted a man checking out a woman while his own girlfriend glared at him with disgust. It quickly became a meme, though photographer Antonio Guillem told the Guardian at the time he ‘didn’t even know what a meme [was] until recently.'” Buzzfeed on The 100 Memes That Defined The 2010s. (The fact that the 2010s can be best defined by memes pretty much says it all…)

+ “dogs lick us because they know we have bones inside n they want em.” 100 Hysterical Tweets From 2019 That Got 100K Retweets And Kept On Going. (Alternatively, you can just look at my last 100 tweets.)

+ The Least Influential People of the 2010s.

+ The New Yorker: The Year in Stupidity. (Alternatively, you can just replay Devin Nunes from the impeachment hearings…)

+ There were 42 billion visits to P-rnhub in 2019 and 6597 petabytes of data transferred. While I’m sure none of those stats include any NextDraft readers, here’s a look at the P-rnhub Year in Review.

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