The mop topped. The shag carpet bombed the opposition. Boris locks out Labour. A huge Johnson win. However you put it, Boris Johnson and his conservative party won a hair raising victory in the UK. Johnson said his mandate means that the UK “deserves a break from wrangling, a break from politics, and a permanent break from talking about Brexit.”

+ Johnson “not only inherited a change that has been slowly unpicking Britain’s political map for decades, but he did so at the very moment the accelerant applied by the EU referendum meant he could finally turn dozens of formerly safe Labour seats Tory blue.” The Atlantic: It’s Boris Johnson’s Britain Now. “To understand the scale of what has happened, remember that less than four years ago, Johnson was still London’s mayor and undecided about whether to back Leave or Remain in the referendum.”

+ “What does Johnson’s victory mean? In short order, it means that the debate over Brexit, which has traumatized British politics for the past three and a half years, is over.” The New Yorker: Boris Johnson Wins, and Britain Chooses the Devil It Knows.