“In the US Northwest, rain can damage the fruit on cherry trees. So helicopter pilots are paid to fly over the orchards, using their downdraft to dry the fruit as it ripens. For the pilots, it’s a risky but potentially profitable job.” … “Three million students at US schools don’t have the internet at home.” … “In 2012, only one sports team (Manchester United) was worth more than $2bn. Today, there are 52 sports teams worth more than $2bn.” Those are just a few of the interesting, surprising, or just plain odd things you’ll learn from Tom Whitwell’s annual list. 52 things I learned in 2019.

+ The Yankees signed pitcher Gerrit Cole to a record 9-year, $324M deal. Here’s an interesting visualization of the world’s highest paid athletes (1990-2019).

+ People Keep Spotting Pigeons Wearing Tiny Cowboy Hats In Las Vegas.