“Vanna White, who for 37 years turned clue letters — or pressed buttons that made them electronically appear — on the game show Wheel of Fortune, ran the program for the first time Monday night. (To be precise, the show was taped in November, but you don’t need to know that.) She will continue to host for three weeks while Pat Sajak, her longtime onscreen partner, the Fred to her Ginger, the Sonny to her Cher, recovers from surgery.” (And with that, my parents and I will finally have something to talk about besides politics — and it will also be one of the they few times they’ll find my insights to be superior to those of Fareed Zakaria…)

+ Crowdfunding disaster Coolest Cooler is shutting down and blaming tariffs for its downfall. (Well, I guess the tariffs have done some good after all…)

+ Merriam-Webster dictionary’s word of the year: They.

+ The Ringer’s 41 Favorite Sports Moments of 2019. (Obviously, this was written before the single best sports moment of the year. George Kittle’s ridiculous play for the 49ers against the Saints. Jim Rome gave it a whole segment.)

+ Magnus Carlsen, the world’s best chess player for the last decade, is on the brink of reaching the top in another game – fantasy football (the soccer kind).