“‘I just realized my responsibilities to promote the album are based on complete bullshit—they’re based on maximizing my income and my record label’s income, and maximizing my fame, and hoping that turns into more income,’ Posner says he remembers thinking around the end of last year. ‘I couldn’t bring myself to do any of that stuff. I felt stuck. I was explaining it to one of my best friends, and he said, ‘What do you want to do?’ and I said, ‘I want to walk across America.'” Why Mike Posner Walked Across America.

+ “A Los Angeles police officer is under investigation after his body camera caught him allegedly fondling a dead woman’s breasts.” (He should get put on the rack.)

+ And, we started the edition with comedy, so let’s end with comedy. Jared Kushner, Trump’s son-in-law, takes bigger role in China trade talks.