“As frenzied as fan conversations about the best way to buy tickets can be, the advice in Book of Resell makes them look downright legible. Various strategies include: using five different credit cards tied to different email addresses to get five different presale codes from five different merch purchases; borrowing a handful of phones with a handful of Ticketmaster accounts from a handful of siblings; buying $10 burner phones on eBay and setting them up with ultra-cheap phone plans; timing the burner phones as they move through less competitive ticket queues to see if one happens to be, for whatever reason, a little faster.” There aren’t as many bots trying to beat you to those concert tickets. But there are still a lot of humans. The Atlantic: The New Ticket Scalpers Are Young, Unashamed, and Very Online. (That may be true. But ain’t nobody stopping this guy from scoring prime seats to the Doobie Brothers reunion tour…)