Tales From the Crypto Crypt

“Bitcoin bros the world over became millionaires. And then the bubble burst, everything went to hell, everyone consoled your cousin while breathing a sigh of relief, because crypto had disappeared, and none of you needed to figure out what the hell it had been. Only crypto didn’t disappear, it just went quiet. And this Thanksgiving, the evangelists will tell you it’s bigger, more relevant than ever, only they’re not just your cousin anymore. They’re the People’s Bank of China. They’re Mark Zuckerberg. Talking about crypto today is more like talking about the climate crisis. Forget real or unreal. It’s ‘how soon,’ and ‘oh crap.’ Crypto is life. You just don’t know it yet.” The excellent Rosecrans Baldwin in GQ: Cryptocurrency Will Not Die. (This year, I’m grateful that, among my extended family members coming over for Thanksgiving, none are cryptocurrency evangelists.)

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