“What became clear to me early on was that these guys wanted to shut down every avenue to get into the U.S. They wanted to reduce the number of people who could get in under any category: illegals, legals, refugees, asylum seekers—everything. And they wanted to reduce the number of foreigners already here through any means possible.” HuffPo Highline with an eye-opening overview of how Trump got his wall, after all. “In 2013, then-Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions introduced an amendment that would have lowered the number of people who qualified for green cards and work visas. It got a single vote in committee—his own. As a former senior official at the Department of Homeland Security observed, ‘If you told me these guys would be able to change the way the U.S. does immigration in two years, I would have laughed.'”

+ “Through these years, as ethnic minorities and Jews and feminists and trans people and gay people have sounded out the alarm bells, the mainstream GOP laughed. They turned a profit on ‘triggering the libs’; they called opposition to the tide of rising white nationalism ‘Trump Derangement Syndrome.’ Only when the hound turned on them, its jaws red and insatiable, did they at last begin to cry out in alarm about the danger the rest of us have known for years.” Talia Lavin in GQ: Why White Nationalists Are Turning on Trump Republicans.