Skilled Carpenter

“Carpenter grew up in Cedarhurst, New York, eventually moving to southern Vermont in the mid-1970s. He was a skier, but he’d developed a love for the Snurfer, a piece of plywood that sort of resembled a water ski and could be ridden down snowy hills while standing and holding a rope. Carpenter believed he could improve upon the Snurfer by shaping a wider board out of better materials and adding bindings.” Outside: Burton Snowboard Founder, Jake Burton Carpenter, Has Died.

+ “Someone could come up with a completely new way to slide down the mountain that’s even more thrilling than snowboarding, and I might be saying, ‘What a waste of snow! What are these kids doing?’ just like the ski establishment said to me … But I hope I’ll be more open-minded.'” WaPo: Jake Burton Carpenter, who outfitted snowboarders and championed their sport, dies at 65.

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