“Miller’s emails show one of the president’s closest aides, and the architect of many of his hard-line immigration policies, citing white-nationalist sources and pursuing the same goal they sought to realize: the restoration of immigration restrictions explicitly designed to keep America white.” The Atlantic: Trump’s White-Nationalist Vanguard. (But his emails…)

+ “The question now is whether any of this can be made to matter. Miller’s aversion to nonwhite immigrants, after all, is hardly a secret — it’s why he has his job in the first place. He’s been pushing white nationalist policies for three years, championing the Muslim ban and the sadistic policy of family separation and encouraging Trump to slash refugee admissions.” Michelle Goldberg in the NYT: Stephen Miller Is a White Nationalist. Does It Matter?

+ NBC The U.S. has held a record 69,550 migrant children in government custody in 2019.

+ Buzzfeed: Trump Is Sending Asylum-Seekers To Guatemala. His Administration Privately Admitted It Had No Idea What Would Happen To Them Next.