Weekend Whats

What to Book: I’m reading Peter Houlahan’s Norco ’80: The True Story of the Most Spectacular Bank Robbery in American History. It’s a riveting story with a ton of interesting details. It’s also a case that had a big impact what kind of weapons criminals would start to use and that police across the country would start to demand for themselves.

+ What to Doc: The Interpreters, from Independent Lens, “is a poignant but tense portrayal of a very human and high-stakes side of war’s aftermath, the story of how Afghan and Iraqi interpreters risked their lives aiding American troops–but then became the people we left behind.” It’s also a really touching and informative story about a friendship.

+ What to Read: “Isaiah told me that he was upfront about the BB gun but that he never confessed to the robbery. But instead of going home like he said the investigators promised, Isaiah went to the county jail. When he first walked in, someone else was getting booked, and an officer announced, ‘He’s here.’ The officers escorted Isaiah into solitary confinement and closed the metal door.” Ko Bragg with another excellent investigative report from Reveal: Bound By Statute: In Mississippi, Jim Crow era laws result in a high rate of black kids charged as adults.

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