Wanna get away? Tired of living in a surveillance society where your every step (and click) is being tracked? Maybe you thought you could escape to nature to nurture the need to be off the grid? Well, it turns out there are cameras out there too. These cameras were put there to capture and study animal activities. But they don’t discriminate. “The humans who end up as bycatch aren’t always pleased to have the cameras around … Cameras were covered or blocked, or had their SD cards removed. Some were stolen, smashed, or shot at. In one instance, a tree was burnt down to eliminate the camera strapped to its trunk.” From One Zero: Wildlife Cameras Are Accidentally Capturing Humans Behaving Badly. (I’ll report back if one catches a human behaving well.)

+ At least one human with a camera caught something of note out there in the wild. A three antlered deer.

+ Humans feel entitled to invade nature and spoil the fun for the animals. Payback, as they say, is a bitch. GQ: Feral Hogs Steal $22,000 Worth of Cocaine From Drug-Trafficking Ring. (And you thought bacon was popular in the past…)