“The first round of witnesses includes three career public servants who have testified behind closed doors that President Trump did link military aid and a White House meeting for Ukraine with a promise to investigate one of the president’s domestic political opponents.” From NPR: An Impeachment Hearing FAQ and A Guide To Key People, Facts And Documents.

+ Here’s the latest from the impeach pit from CNN and WaPo.

+ In the heat of all this, we have two (weirdly) related stories. First, Rudy Giuliani is thinking about launching an impeachment podcast (Too bad Marc Maron already uses the title, WTF). And second, Sean Spicer was finally voted off Dancing with the Stars. “After Spicer’s expulsion, Donald Trump, who had urged viewers to vote for Spicer, sent his congratulations but deleted a mid-show tweet that had encouraged viewers to vote for his hapless former spokesman.” (Yes, this is how the President of the United States spent his Monday night.)