“Social media has flooded our consciousness with caricatures of each other. Human beings are reduced to data, and data nearly always underrepresent reality. The result is this great flattening of human life and human complexity. We think that because we know someone is pro-choice or pro-life, or that they drive a truck or a Prius, we know everything we need to know about them. Human detail gets lost in the algorithm. Thus humanity gives way to ideology.” The Atlantic with a conversation with Tara Westover on the urban/rural divide: The Places Where the Recession Never Ended.

+ “From one perspective, these organizations seem to have succeeded mostly in forming a new bubble—what activists call ‘the civil-dialogue space.’ Americans are beginning countless dialogues about how important it is to begin a dialogue.” The Atlantic: Can Marriage Counseling Save America? (Let’s just get drunk and have make-up sex.)