Daca Con

“The authors of DACA in the Obama Administration were aware that the program would draw intense scrutiny. Janet Napolitano, who was the secretary of D.H.S. when the program was adopted, told me, ‘It was done with the assumption that, somewhere along the line, somebody was going to try to stop it.'” And, as we now know, it didn’t take long. Jonathan Blitzer in The New Yorker: The Trump Administration’s Plot to End DACA Faces a Supreme Court Test.

+ “He has stood trial twice — once on felony and once on misdemeanor charges — and faces a third that could put him in prison for a decade. He’s been thrust from the obscurity of academia into a role he never sought: as the criminal defendant at the center of a politically charged case drawing international attention.” Time: They Tried to Save the Lives of Immigrants Fleeing Danger. Now They’re Facing Prosecution.

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