Bottom of the News

“Approximately 30% of the textiles recovered for recycling in the U.S. are converted to wiping rags, according to Secondary Materials and Recycled Textiles (Smart), a trade association. And that’s probably an undercount. The 45% of recycled textiles that are reused as apparel eventually wear out, too. When they do, they’re also bound for the wiping-rag companies.” Bloomberg: Riches From Rags.

+ A Dad Took A Photo Of His Daughter Every Week — Here’s Her Growth From Birth To 20 Years Old. (Love these.)

+ “A [big] group of cyclists came to my house, and about 12 of us rode along the canal path to a cafe that I’d chosen…And they were ready for me. They put a white tape across the handrails of the footbridge, and I broke through it.” 82-year-old British cyclist completes 1 million miles. (And now he’s going for another million.)

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