“Homeless for 10 years in the Koreatown section of Los Angeles, Pleasants had done little to extricate himself from a cycle of depression and methamphetamine use that began before he landed on the street. He depended on churches and other charities for free meals.” A Yale grad and ex-banker ended up homeless in Los Angeles. Then a fellow alum made an unexpected offer.

+ “Whether it’s arming the immune system’s T-cells to precisely target tumors, developing eco-friendly alternatives to livestock-industry meat, or monitoring the internet’s hell sites to sniff out trouble, the 25 people and groups here offer real hope that we can fix the mistakes of the past and still have a chance for a future we can survive.” Wired: Stories of People Who Are Racing to Save Us.

+ “In the 12 months prior to moving in, Steve went to the ER 81 times, spent 17 days hospitalized, and had medical costs, on average, of $12,945 per month. In the nine months since he got a roof over his head and health coaching from Brenner’s team, Steve’s average monthly medical expenses have dropped more than 80%, to $2,073.” Bloomberg: America’s Largest Health Insurer Is Giving Apartments to Homeless People.

+ Variety: LGBTQ Series Regulars on Broadcast TV Hit All-Time High.

+ WaPo: Racist trolls targeted a Somali refugee’s campaign. She still managed to pull off a historic victory.

+ Oklahoma Student Wins Year Of Free College Tuition By Hitting Half-Court Shot.

+ The Guardian: Fantastic day for elephants: court rejects ivory ban challenge.

+ Renewables meet 50% of electricity demand on Australia’s power grid for first time.

+ Paste: Dolly Parton Is an Actual Angel. “Every other person on stage showed up in the photos, but she was just a body-shaped ball of light.”

+ Winners of Japan’s 2019 Laundromat of the Year Award.

+ Watchmen’s Doctor Manhattan dildo is as important as it is large. (Yes, as long as its used correctly, I’d say this qualifies as a feel good story.)