“They would not be eating. They would not look at any screens. They would not listen to music. They would not exercise. They would not touch other bodies for any reason, especially not for sex. No work. No eye contact. No talking more than absolutely necessary. A photographer could take their picture, but there could be no flash. The number of things to not do is potentially endless.” The NYT’s Nellie Bowles on the latest Silicon Valley fad (and the latest example of tech bros thinking that giving an old idea a new name means that you invented it). A Day of Dopamine Fasting in San Francisco. How to Feel Nothing Now, in Order to Feel More Later.. (Some ideas make me want to feel nothing ever.) “‘Your brain and your biology have become adapted to high levels of stimulus so our project is to reset those receptors so you’re satiated again,’ he said. Mr. Sinka returned to resting. ‘Yeah, man, drop down that cortisol,’ Mr. Scicali said as encouragement. After the fast, Mr. Sinka finds that everyday tasks are more exciting and fun. Work is pleasurable again. Food is more delicious.” (Even embarrassing yourself can be more enjoyable than ever!)

+ Inspired by the Monday Night Football cat… Animals on the Playing Field.