“Sweat starts to form on your brow—although that’s because your Nest thermostat isn’t working. Your smart TV is on the fritz. Your connected refrigerator’s display monitor won’t work. And when you frantically dart across the street to ask the neighbors if they can get online, the series of anomalies that have characterized your morning suddenly don’t seem so anomalous. The internet isn’t just down. It’s gone. Stopped. Kaput. No more. May God have mercy on our Instagram influencers.” Andrew Zaleski in Popular Mechanics: What Would Happen If the Internet Went Down … Forever? (I got a taste of this when the power went out in California last week. About fifteen minutes after their iPads went dead, my kids went full Lord of the Flies and started sizing me up me as a potential meal.)

+ Helsinki has a library to learn about the world, the city, and each other. (Looks like a nice spot for a NextDraft offsite. Who’s in?)

+ A Cat Ran Onto The Field During The Cowboys/Giants Game. Kevin Harlan has the call.