“Happiness is in many ways the marketing breakthrough of the past decade, with self-care and anti-stress products now rounding out the bestseller list on Amazon (think of ‘gravity blankets’, ‘de-stressing’ adult colouring books and fidget spinners), where they nestle alongside chart-topping tomes by ‘happiness bloggers’. All of this is made possible by a specific, disturbing and very new version of ‘happiness’ that holds that bad feelings must be avoided at all costs.” Aeon: The happiness ruse: How did feeling good become a matter of relentless, competitive work; a never-to-be-attained goal which makes us miserable? (If you want to take on the global happiness industrial complex, just read all the stories in this edition. That should provide you with all the defenses you’ll need.)

+ When life gives you lemons, remove the seeds. The seedless lemon revolution has taken root in California. (This could dramatically alter nature, and the meaning of Led Zeppelin’s The Lemon Song.)