“Nextdoor is an online ticker tape of homeowner and tenant concerns, and the grievances can be particularly telling in a city of Dickensian extremes like San Francisco, whose influx of tech wealth is increasingly pitting suburban expectations against urban realities. The city’s property crime rate is among the highest in the United States. Nextdoor posts about dogs slurping from a public drinking fountain and Whole Foods overcharging again (‘Be on guard’) show up alongside reports of smash-and-grab car break-ins, slashed tires, and an entire crime subgenre of “porch pirates,” the Artful Dodgers of the Amazon age.” The Atlantic’s Lauren Smiley with an interesting look at how a few stolen packages serve as a metaphor for the growing urban economic divide in San Francisco (and beyond) during an era where everything is caught on camera and even antisocial behavior is fodder for social media. The Porch Pirate of Potrero Hill Can’t Believe It Came to This.

+ Quartz: Are neighborhood watch apps making us safer? (I’m old enough to remember when the whole promise of the internet was staying inside and having less interaction with your neighbors…)