“The intelligence source had been motivated to give up Baghdadi out of a sense of revenge, and had been present at the leader’s compound when the raid took place.” Vice: Stolen Underwear and a Vengeful Spy Led to Baghdadi’s Undoing.

+ Trump Officials Had No Clue Where He Got ‘Whimpering’ Detail in His Baghdadi Raid Account. (Let’s not focus on these minor political fibs and instead focus on the fact that Trump killed Baghdadi with his bare hands. He would’ve used his feet too, but the bone spurs prevented it…)

+ Time: “Three weeks after President Donald Trump ordered US forces to pull out of northern Syria, American spy agencies are seeing disturbing intelligence. Turkish-backed militias, armed by Ankara, have killed civilians in areas abandoned by the US … The officials say they fear that the militias committing those potential war crimes may be using weapons that the US sold to Turkey.”