Anyone curious about the future of climate change can come to California and see and smell it right now. Like an unprecedented number of Californians, my neighborhood spent the past couple of days without power. Even though power is out across much of our state, old fires are still spreading and new ones are erupting all over. California, truly the golden state right now, is burning. And even those away from the direct path of the flames woke to homes filled with the smoky stench of climate change. David Wallace-Wells: This Is What a Calm California Wildfire Season Looks Like Now.

+ SF Chronicle: Daylight reveals flattened homes as Kincade Fire surges toward 2017 disaster areas. LA Times: Getty fire off 405 Freeway in L.A. destroys several homes; thousands flee.

+ One guy with a hose in Windsor wasn’t letting his neighborhood fall to flames.

+ Here are some photos and the latest updates from The Guardian and the SF Chronicle.