It would be difficult to pick just one lie, piece of transparent stagecraft, or act of faux outrage from Team Trump that stands out as the most ridiculous, but Wednesday’s GOP invasion into a secure impeachment hearing room has to be in the running. There are already Republicans in the room where it happens. “1 out of every 4 Republicans in the House can participate in the inquiry hearings anyway. That doesn’t include Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.), who is also allowed to participate. It does include Rep. Greg Pence (R-Ind.), the brother of the vice president.” This is all part of a series of stunts intended to change the topic from the substance (which is horrific for the president) to the process (which we’re supposed to pretend is unfair). WaPo: Here’s why the Matt Gaetz sit-in stunt was particularly weird. (Editor’s note: I’m highlighting this because it’s just the beginning. As the walls close in, the desperate will act out.)

+ Graham and McConnell are set to introduce a resolution condemning the House impeachment inquiry and House Minority Whip Steve Scalise called the inquiry a “Soviet-style star chamber” (Hey, that beats a Soviet style presidency…) Here’s the latest from the increasingly deep impeachment pit.