“Before answering the Secretary, I consulted both my wife and a respected former senior Republican official who has been a mentor to me. I will tell you that my wife, in no uncertain terms, strongly opposed the idea. The mentor counseled: if your country asks you to do something, you do it.” This is a part of William Taylor’s testimony that really caught my eye. His own family member didn’t want him to take the gig Pompeo was offering, but he did it because he felt a loyalty to serve his country (even though he had already done so for a lifetime). Don’t let Trump and his henchmen sour your views of those who serve. These fine folks are making huge personal and financial sacrifices to put country ahead of self. They’ve never been under this kind of attack, so now would be a good time to remind them we appreciate their service. And this week, William Taylor served well. Here’s his entire opening statement.