“Trump’s ignorance of the world has never been so blatant—or produced such bipartisan opposition. The House of Representatives voted 354–60 to condemn the pullout … Yet Trump seemed delighted with his decision to let the Turks and the Kurds—both U.S. allies—fight it out. ‘It was unconventional, what I did. Sometimes you have to let them fight like two kids. Then you pull them apart.'” (Unless your kids have bone spurs, in which case, they can just tweet the action.) Robin Wright in The New Yorker: Turkey, Syria, the Kurds, and Trump’s Abandonment of Foreign Policy.

+ “Why did Trump shut down the entire peace process? It’s possible that he’d always been ambivalent about the deal, and his misgivings ultimately prevailed. Or he might have wanted to punish the Taliban for snubbing him.” The New Yorker: The Shattered Afghan Dream of Peace. “So far this year, more than eight thousand civilians have been killed or wounded. In much of Afghanistan, life has never felt more precarious, and the violence has never made less sense.”