“I was sitting at my desk at work and got a call from a number I didn’t recognize. I almost didn’t answer since I was at work, but my boss said it was OK. When I picked up the phone, this super deep voice said, ‘Hi Denise, this is James Hetfield from Metallica.’ I almost fell off my chair. We talked about what happened, dogs, and the places we live.” Outside: A Cougar Was Stalking Her, So She Played Metallica.

+ WaPo: “The version of Coy Featherston photographed, pushing an overloaded shopping cart down Guadalupe Street on a rainy day, looked little like his younger self, someone classmates remembered as an outgoing and popular high school students.” He had been homeless for decades. Then old friends saw his photo in a newspaper.

+ This startup is saving crops by making ‘super bees.’ (I have an ominous feeling that this story might move up to the scarier sections at the top of the news one day.)

+ A Fan Raised Almost $43K to Hand Out Stand with Hong Kong T-Shirts at the Lakers Season Opener. (Something similar happened in Toronto. This could be an interesting season…)

+ This month, Las Vegas will let people pay for parking tickets with a food donation.

+ Transition fairs held as new law allows thousands of inmates across Oklahoma early release.

+ Heat-seeking drone finds missing 6-year-old Minnesota boy in cornfield.