Americans may be tired of something. But it’s definitely not the winning. Moments after Vice President Pence announced that he had reached a deal with Turkey for a ceasefire, Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said it was not a ceasefire. Meanwhile, Trump (following up on a surreal letter that was reportedly tossed in the garbage by Erdogan) explained what a great deal he made to clean up the disaster he created. “It’s a great day for the United States, it’s a great day for Turkey … it’s a great day for the Kurds. It’s really a great day for civilization. … I just want to thank and congratulate President Erdogan. He’s a friend of mine and I’m glad we didn’t have a problem because frankly he is a hell of a leader and a tough man, a strong man.” Yeah, it’s an awesome day for the Kurds, who after being betrayed by the American president, watched him celebrate them giving up their land, witnessing hundreds of their fellow fighters get killed and thousands displaced, and watching as “at least 1,000 ISIS prisoners and supporters have escaped prison camps.” Long story short, Trump thinks he won (much like he thought his instantly iconic meltdown photo made Nancy Pelosi look bad). But he basically surrendered and then congratulated his friend who he doesn’t realize is his foe.

+ Richard Engel: “The Kurds lost their homeland in Syria which they fought for with US forces in the battle agaist ISIS, losing 11 thousand of their men and women. Tonight they were sold out by Trump who says he saved millions of lives. It will be remembered by the Kurds as the greatest betrayal.”

+ “The blow to America’s standing in the Middle East was sudden and unexpectedly swift. Within the space of a few hours, advances by Turkish troops in Syria this week had compelled the U.S. military’s Syrian Kurdish allies to switch sides, unraveled years of U.S. Syria policy and recalibrated the balance of power in the Middle East.” Liz Sly in WaPo with an excellent overview of how the world changed this week: The hasty US pullback from Syria is a searing moment in America’s withdrawal from the Middle East.

+ “This is what Turkey wanted and what POTUS green lighted. I do think one reason Turkey agreed to it is because of the Kurds have put up more of a resistance and they could not advance south any further as a result. If we don’t impose sanctions then Turkey wins big time.” Here’s the latest from CNN.