“We narrow the gap over the remaining legs of the race: chugging a beer, forming a six-person human pyramid, holding hands and skipping across a soccer field shouting “I’m a Pretty Princess!” and so on, culminating with a giant Slip ‘N Slide into a game of flip cup. Miraculously, my teammate lands her cup first. Bottles of champagne are popped and showered upon 50 adult strangers and me, maniacally celebrating as though we’ve just clinched a professional sports championship.” Hello Muddah, Hello Faddah: My Weekend at Adult Summer Camp. (This confirms my belief that the best part of being an adult is that no one can make you go to camp.)

+ An oral history of hard-shell tacos.

+ “If you love the availability of microbrews today, you know who to thank.” Dirtbags Were the Original Craft-Beer Influencers.

+ LA Mag: Thrifty Is Finally Selling Its Signature Cylindrical Ice Cream Scoopers.

+ An finally, the NYT with a story on a corner bar/cafe that is one of the few original Soho joints still in Soho (and one of my all time favorite haunts from the days when I lived in NYC … and still left the house on occasion.) From the corner of Prince and Mercer, The Bar That Has Fed SoHo for Almost a Century.