What to Read: “James McKay is in an operating theater, cutting into a patient’s abdomen, a routine laparotomy, when he hears about a man with bloody hands in the emergency room. The man is panting because he sprinted across Hagley Park to Christchurch Hospital, and he’s bleeding because he broke out a window to escape from Al Noor. There’s been a shooting at the mosque, the man tells a triage nurse, and more wounded people will come.” Sean Flynn in GQ: The Harrowing Hours and Defiant Aftermath of the New Zealand Mosque Shootings.

+ What to Ronan: “In the summer of 2017, as I was speaking to Weinstein’s accusers and colleagues, Ostrovskiy and Khaykin began meeting at dawn near my apartment building, on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. Some days, they would stay in Khaykin’s car, a silver Nissan Pathfinder. Other times, the two would use separate cars. Khaykin would be ready to follow me if I left the building.” Ronan Farrow was all over the Harvey Weinstein story. Now he’s back to describe the efforts to keep him from getting the truth in a book that’s making waves from Hollywood to NYC. Here’s a three-part excerpt from The New Yorker: The Black Cube Chronicles.

+ What to Book: “His agenda held deep appeal to white supremacists and others who had felt shut out of politics in America for years, chastised for their views and obsessed with an agenda of racial purity. The appeal for Trump was much simpler and more basic. He was a marketing genius, a branding maven. And fear of the other, he discovered at his campaign rallies, sells like gangbusters.” And at the center of it all, the big, tall, beautiful wall. A very interesting and well-timed look at the policy (and object) at the very center of the Trump presidency. Border Wars: Inside Trump’s Assault on Immigration.