“In a written statement Monday, Pentagon chief spokesman Jonathan Hoffman said the U.S. does not endorse a Turkish military operation in Syria and will not support it.” AP: Pentagon warns Turkey not to invade Syria.

+ Wait, does that suggest the Pentagon isn’t on the same page as the president? If history is any indicator, the country’s top brass probably found out about the Syria decision at the same time you did (assuming you follow Trump on Twitter). Mark Bowden with an extremely troubling report about the steps top military officials take to protect America from the American president. Top Military Officers Unload on Trump. “In 20 years of writing about the military, I have never heard officers in high positions express such alarm about a president. Trump’s pronouncements and orders have already risked catastrophic and unnecessary wars in the Middle East and Asia, and have created severe problems for field commanders engaged in combat operations. Frequently caught unawares by Trump’s statements, senior military officers have scrambled, in their aftermath, to steer the country away from tragedy. How many times can they successfully do that before faltering?” (Let’s hope that question remains rhetorical…)