What to Book: “Ziya Tong takes readers on an important and entertaining scientific journey, as she breaks open all the hidden ways we interact with the natural world every day. Read this book to start seeing—with new eyes—how we can transform our relationship with the extraordinary planet we live on.” That’s Jane Goodall on Ziya Tong’s look at the blind spots and illusions that shape our world. The Reality Bubble. (This book is filled with an endless string of interesting tidbits.)

+ What to Escape: “Think about it for a minute. Maybe it’s the news — and that appalled, exhausted feeling a lot of us have when we look at our phones in the morning. Or your surroundings. Maybe it’s a prison cell or a climate crisis. Maybe it’s a job. Or a relationship. What do you wish you could escape?” California Sunday Magazine’s excellent new issue is all about stories of escape. (They went to press before Melania left for Wyoming…)

+ What to Hear: The hottest artist of her generation talks to the greatest interviewer of his. Billie Eilish on Howard Stern.