“In 10 years they should give us a call and we can talk about offering them jobs as police detectives.” Kid detectives help police find missing 97-year-old woman.

+ A paralyzed man walked using mind-controlled exoskeleton. (The French patient’s breakthrough could lead to brain-controlled wheelchairs…)

+ ProPublica: We Reported on a Nonprofit Hospital System That Sues Poor Patients. It Just Freed Thousands From Debt. (Real news, real results.)

+ These LA doctors do house calls at homeless encampments.

+ In Brazil, a gang of dogs turned up at a hospital to wait for homeless owner who was being treated inside.

+ Viral homeless subway singer offered major recording contract.

+ NPR: How Penn State Is Cutting Greenhouse Emissions In Half — And Saving Money.

+ Elizabeth Warren’s campaign sent dinner to Bernie Sanders staffers after his heart procedure.

+ A Texas cheerleader jumped off a homecoming float to save a choking boy.

+ 3rd graders surprise classmate with toys after he lost all his in house fire