“Investors have expressed concern that Mr. Neumann, a charismatic but unpredictable leader, exercised too much control over the company through special voting shares. They were also unnerved by deals We Company reached with Mr. Neumann and entities he controlled.” NYT: WeWork CEO, Adam Neumann, Stepping Down Under Pressure. (But the WeWork board members are the ones who let him get away with all the bullshit in the first place. Shouldn’t they go with him?)

+ Vanity Fair’s Gabriel Sherman: Inside the Crash of Wework’s Magic Millennial Real Estate Kingdom. “It’s hard to overstate the degree to which WeWork’s business is built on the egomaniacal glamour and millennial mysticism of Neumann and his wife. Neumann sold WeWork not merely as a real estate play. It wasn’t even a tech company (though he said it should be valued as such). It was a movement, complete with its own catechisms.” (If you fire the guy who built a house of cards, you’re still left with a house of cards…)