Devils and Dust

“Talking to reporters Monday morning at the United Nations, Trump suggested that there would be nothing wrong with him withholding funding to a country such as Ukraine if it refused to root out ‘corruption’ — hypothetically speaking, of course.” WaPo: Trump just inched toward spilling the beans on Ukraine. (Nixon: I am not a crook. Trump: I’m a crook. Do something about it.)

+ Bloomberg: Giuliani Says He Can’t Guarantee That Trump Didn’t Threaten Ukraine Aid.

+ “In a call to the new president of Ukraine, Trump reportedly attempted to pressure the leader of a sovereign state into conducting an investigation—a witch hunt, one might call it—of a U.S. citizen, former Vice President Joe Biden, and his son Hunter Biden.” The Atlantic: If This Isn’t Impeachable, Nothing Is.

+ “Ending up as the open antagonist of an American President is not really an option.” The New Yorker: The Mounting Scandal Over What Trump Said to Ukraine’s President.

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