The web is what happened while we were waiting for the internet to give us better TV. And, evidenced by last night’s Emmy awards, that time has come. It’s not just that really high quality shows won awards, it’s that almost no one watched the telecast. That makes sense. There’s so much great new TV to get through, who’s got the time to celebrate great old TV? And, in the spirit of the internet, we’re all watching entirely different TV shows, and much of the content is available only to those who have the means to fork over a few more bucks for yet another app or service; all of which leaves us, yet again, with even fewer ties that bind. Birthday boy Bruce Springsteen once sang, There was fifty-seven channels and nothin’ on. Today, there’s 57,000 channels and everything is on, all the time.

+ Games of Thrones, Fleabag, and Chernobyl led the night. Here’s a list of all the winners.

+ The acceptance speeches, the snubs, and the 29 Things You Missed At The 2019 Emmy Awards. (I missed them too. I was watching Succession…)