Energy Star Wars

“The weakening of dishwasher rules is just one of many cases where a Trump administration regulatory rollback is in fact opposed by the very industry the White House claims it will help … The administration is also preparing to loosen proposed Obama-era standards for tailpipe emissions on cars and light trucks, even though automakers say the move would cause them ‘untenable’ instability and hurt their profits. It also plans to eliminate rules that restrict methane emissions from oil and gas infrastructure even though some companies have argued for continued regulation … The administration has also tried to eliminate funding for Energy Star, a popular federal government program that lets companies put Energy Star labels on products that meet energy efficiency standards.” The NYT on the effort to deregulate just about everything. Inside Conservative Groups’ Effort to Make Dishwashers Great Again. (The key is to use plastic plates and utensils and then just burn them in an open coal powered fire…)

+ NBC: Trump axes California’s right to set own auto emissions standards.

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