“Scientists are cautious, trying to navigate a sea of low-quality studies. Why do some probiotics work while others have no effect? How are they affecting the microbiome? And how can we understand them better? Holding the tiny probiotic drink in my hand and studying the murky liquid inside, I had those same questions. And an even more pressing one: Should I drink it?” Poo transplants and hangover cures: Inside the murky world of probiotics.

+ “The eyeshade is fitted with pulsing LEDs that blast white light through your closed eyelids. The headphones pump out binaural beats. The whole experience begins as sensory overload, but, for some at least, it eases into a profoundly relaxing, mentally rejuvenating experience. (If you talk to the folks at Upgrade Labs for any amount of time, you’ll likely hear the story of a person who emerged from the pod in tears, claiming to have encountered God.)” LA Magazine: A Santa Monica Tech Startup Has ‘Hacked’ Meditation. (Om, Om, Omg…)

+ Looking for something a little more low tech? Study finds hula can ‘significantly’ reduce risk for heart disease.